Medical Aid Schemes Defined :

A medical aid scheme is a type of insurance that can cover the health related bills of your family. Health insurance can be very useful as doctor’s fees and the cost of medication can really ruin your monthly budget because of the high premiums. By having a health policy, you can avoid any surprises and always be ready for the unexpected.

Medical Aid Schemes Online

Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

There are currently over a hundred medical aid schemes providers in South Africa. Here are some of them:

Aeci Medical Aid Society
Afrox Medical Aid Society
Alliance Midmed Medical Scheme
Altron Medical Aid Scheme
Anglo Medical Scheme
Anglovaal Group Medical Scheme
Barloworld Medical Scheme
Bestmed Medical Scheme
Bmw Employees Medical Aid Society
Bonitas Medical Fund
Bp Medical Aid Society
Building & Construction Industry Medical Aid Fund
Built Environment Professional Associations Medical Scheme (Bepmed)
Cape Medical Plan

…..Click here to see a full list.

Finding the Right Medical Insurer

Now the problem is, with all the different insurers in South Africa, where does one start when looking for the right healthcare scheme for you and your family?  You can probably go through the list of providers and call every one of them, but this can take quite a lot of time. Luckily we have made it simple for you.

At the top of the page you will see a banner that says “Click Here to Compare Medical Aid Quotes”. When you click on this banner, you will be taken to a form where you will be asked for some personal details as well as details of the people you want to cover with a the insurance scheme. When you submit the form, we will go through all the healthcare policies and find the ones that will be best suit your needs. We will contact you with the best schemes together with their premiums. All you have to do then is choose the one you like best. That’s it!

Final Thought

Many people don’t think of getting medical aid schemes until they actually need it. Don’t be one of these people – prepare yourself for the unexpected and you will certainly make your life much easier! Medical bills can be very high sometimes, but this doesn’t need to concern you if you’ve got the right healthcare scheme.

Go and compare health insurance quotes now!


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